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    General Information

    Welcome to Shanghai International Charging Pile Exhibition 2018(ICPE 2018), which is the Asia's largest professional exhibition of charging pile, organized by Shanghai Kuozhan Exhibition Service Co. Ltd., as well as Shanghai International Charging Pile Summit, will be held in the same period.

    The stock of new energy vehicles in China is the world's largest, with cumulative sales of more than 846,000 units through November 2016. These figures include passenger cars and heavy-duty commercial vehicles such buses and sanitation trucks, and only accounts for vehicles manufactured in the country. The Chinese government uses the term new energy vehicles (NEVs) to designate plug-in electric vehicles eligible for public subsidies, and includes only battery electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. Sales of new energy vehicles since 2011 passed the 500,000 unit milestone in March 2016, while sales of new energy passenger cars achieved the 500,000 unit milestone in September 2016, both, excluding imports. Domestically produced passenger cars account for 96% of new energy car sales in China.

    As part of its commitment to promote electric vehicles, the Chinese government announced plans in September 2015 to build a nationwide charging-station network to fulfil the power demand of 5 million electric vehicles by 2020. This network will cover residential areas, business districts, public space and inter-city highways, according to a guideline released by the State Council. Also, the plan mandates that new residential complexes should build charging points or assign space for them, while public parking lots should have no less than 10% of parking spaces with charging facilities. According to the guideline, there should be at least one public charging station for every 2,000 NEVs. Also the State Council ordered local governments not to restrict the sales or use of new energy cars.

    So it will be a great opportunity and timing to develop Chinese market, the exhibition will present charging pile at international sight,with new technology and new idea. As the organizer, we will do our best to promote the development of NEVs and charging pile.

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