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    Charging Equipment: Smart Charging Piles, Wireless Charging Piles, EV Flexible Charging Piles, High Power Charging Piles, Off-board Chargers, Battery Modules, Battery Swap Equipment;

    Charging Pile Parts & Components: Cable Harnesses, EV Charging Guns, Charging Cabinets, Power Distribution Cabinets, Charging Pile Shells & Pedestals, Plugs, Sockets, Battery Module Shells, Contactors, Circuit Breakers, Power Supply, Cables, Human Machine Interface, Matching Applied Materials, etc.;

    Charging Pile Matching Facilities and Solutions: Transformers, Relays, Inverters, Filter Equipment, Connectors, Frequency Converters, High/Low Voltage Protection Equipment, Low-voltage Switches, Converters, Rectifiers, Radiators, etc.;

    Power Supply: On-board Vehicle Powers, On-board Chargers, Power-generating Machines (Generators), Electric Controllers, Electrical Socket Outlets, etc.;

    Batteries: New Energy Batteries, Super Capacitors, On-Board Vehicle Power Systems, Energy Storage Batteries, Battery Management Systems (BMS), etc.;

    Charging Station Monitor Systems: Charger Monitor and Management Systems, Power Distribution Monitor Systems, Communication Management and Monitor Systems, Security and Protection Systems, etc.;

    Services: Charging Operation Platforms, Integrated Solutions, Maps, Insurance, Testing & Certification Institutions, Solar + Energy Storage Integrated Solutions, New Energy Vehicles and Charging Piles Coordinated Development & Solution, Charging Station / Battery Swap Station Extension Projects in Gas Stations, Parking Lots Charging Facilities, Intelligent Parking Systems, Parking Equipment, Stereo Garage, etc.